The Professional Enterprise Class Open Source CRM Solution


openCRX is a professional Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System featuring rich and intelligent functionality in the areas of Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Service and Support, Marketing Automation, and analytics. Furthermore, openCRX delivers a rich groupware feature set, including e-mail, contacts, and calendaring.

Account Management

openCRX's account management provides a true 360° view of customers across contracts, activities, products, and status. Account management enables your employees to build tighter, more profitable relationships by understanding the status of each account.

Product and Price Management

In addition to managing products, prices and price lists in multiple currencies, you can build complex products based on simple products. openCRX supports the whole range of advanced product structuring, e.g. product bundling and design of product offerings based on multiple product bundles. Extremely flexible pricing rules, which you can add/modify at run-time, allow you to implement any desired pricing algorithm.

Sales Pipeline

openCRX allows your team to focus on profitable deals and close them faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deal progress, and recording all deal-related interactions. In combination with openCRX's activity management you can customize your own sales processes. The sales pipeline gives marketing professionals the tools to manage prospects and existing customers. You can integrate the openCRX sales pipeline at any stage with your existing ERP application to provide your sales force with relevant real-time data like warehouse information, shipping status, etc.

Activity Management and Issue Tracking

Coordinate workflow in large projects, track and monitor all project-related incidents and activities, group and structure your activities with activity trackers, stay in control with advanced time-tracking and real-time reports - or simply use openCRX as a very sophisticated bug trackerread more).


openCRX features groupware functionality enabling users to manage e-mails, contacts and calendars (shared and/or private ones); openCRX features AirSync and can act as an ActiveSync Server, i.e. you can connect with any ActiveSync client including Apple's iPhone and Android-based PDAs. You can either use your browser or specialized third-party applications like Thunderbird, Evolution, Kontakt, MS Outlook, etc.) to connect with openCRX. Contact information is available in the VCF/vCard format, calender information is available in a variety of formats including CalDAV, ICS/iCal, and FreeBusy so that users manage their calendars with their preffered calendar client. E-mails are accessible with any IMAP-enabled E-mail client. openCRX AirSync can also act as an ActiveSync Client enabling backend synchronisation between openCRX and MS Exchange.

Tools and Administration

openCRX administrators can customize the openCRX application to fit unique business demands, from adding/removing attributes or changing the screen layout to designing advanced activity processes to enhance the information flow within your organization. Advanced access control allows you to share information or restrict access based on user profile, role or team. Finally, extend openCRX with additional business modules with the openCRX wizards, reports and workflow capabilities.

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