The Professional Enterprise Class Open Source CRM Solution

If you want to contribute and support our effort to make openCRX the tool of choice for limitless relationship management, you can do so in a variety of ways:

If you are looking for an openCRX Partner for a commercial project, please consult our partner page.

Feature Acceleration

If you need an openCRX feature (either a new feature or a feature from the roadmap which is not due anytime soon) we might be in a position to allocate additional resources to either develop this new feature or speed up the development of a planned feature. We can also pool requests so that multiple parties can fund a single feature together (see this chart for a high level overview of where you can place feature requests and how new features eventually end up in a new openCRX release).

Contribute as a developer, translator or guide author

Here are some of the tasks where your contribution would be greatly appreciated:

Task Details
Localization translating various UI configuration files, code tables, etc.
additional information is available here