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openCRX Partners


CRIXP Corp.   (Switzerland)
Martha Software (Switzerland)
Datura (Switzerland)
Tech MGT (Belgium)
fastbiz (France)
crm-now (Germany)
SMC (Italy)
progex (Austria)
Hermes SoftLab (Slovenia)
Interition Ltd. (UK)
Kentor IT (Sweden)
Monator Technologies (Sweden)
Open Business Consulting (Russia)
Cross Decisions (Russia)
Andago (Spain)
SATEC (Spain)


Consultex Informatica (Argentina)
InfoGlobe (QC / Canada) - coming soon
Konsultex Informtica (Brazil)
Jegas, LLC (CT / U.S.A.)
OpenGate Consulting Inc. (PA / U.S.A.)


Magootech (Australia)

Middle East, Africa and Asia

Ashna Samane (Iran)
Conversys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Michael Chan (China)
EXCEL Corp. (Tunisia)
Intelligent Internet Solution Corp. (Taiwan)
CrossTrust, Inc. (Japan)

CRIXP Corp. — Switzerland
contact: CRIXP Corp.
Technoparkstr. 1
CH-8005 Zürich
phone: +41 (44) 508-1950
services: CRIXP Corp. is the initiator and main sponsor of the openCRX project - the company offers a wide range of services related to openCRX: analysis & development, integration, customization, training and support.
Martha Software GmbH — Switzerland
contact: Martha Software GmbH
Talacher 201
CH-5073 Gipf-Oberfrick
phone: +41 (0)62 871 60 11
services: Martha Software offers solutions for mobile data acquisition and reporting and uses openCRX as backend service.
Datura   Informatik+Organisation AG — Switzerland
contact: Datura Informatik + Organisation AG
Churerstrasse 22 - Postfach
CH-8808 Pfäffikon SZ
phone: +41 (55) 415-3030
services: In addition to customized versions of openCRX, Datura offers pure web-browser based and platform independent Business-Software (ERP, E-Business & E-Communication) as standard or customized versions, in license or as Software-as-a-Service model (ASP) to small and medium sized businesses.
Tech MGT — Belgium
contact: Tech MGT
Clos de la houblonnière 3
B-1420 Braine l'Alleud
phone: +32 2 387 47 87
mobile: +32 479 29 66 04
services: Since 2002, Tech MGT is specialized in custom software development. Tech MGT has a huge experience and a strong know-how in web applications and software integration in several areas such as Document Management, Information Management with their life cycle as well as Sales oriented applications.
fastbiz — France
contact: Mr. Nicolas Mayeur
c/o fastbiz
12 rue de Seine
F-75006 PARIS
phone: +33 1 45 05 11 75
services: CRM & xRM SaaS offering via ajax virtual desktop based on openCRX. Front-end customization & integration with legacy systems.
crm-now — Germany
contact: crm-now
c/o im-netz neue medien GmbH
Am Borsigturm 46
D-13507 Berlin
phone: +49 (0)30 451 1000
fax: +49 (0)30 451 9037
services: crm-now offers customized versions of openCRX as application service provider to European small and medium sized businesses
SMC — Italy
contact: SMC
Via Roma, 4 int. 18
31020 - Lancenigo di Villorba (TREVISO)
phone: +39 (0422) 9125
services: SMC is an established company in the ICT market as manufacturer and systems integrator. SMC builds and sells Enterprise 2.0 web based solutions. SMC has developed a suite called Open Square with the following fully integrated modules: CRM, PORTAL, BI, ERP, WMS, BPM and DMS. Open Square CRM, based on OpenCRX platform, is the pre-configured standard solution ready for the Italian and international markets.
progex — Austria
contact: progex
Parscherstraße 40/12
5023 Salzburg
offices: Austria
phone: +43 (0)650 9200 160
services: progex offers openCRX consulting, custumization and integration services
HERMES SoftLab — Slovenia
contact: HERMES SoftLab
Litijska 51
1000 Ljubljana
offices: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, UK, and USA
phone: +386 (1) 5865 200
fax: +386 (1) 5865 270
services: HERMES SoftLab offers openCRX implementation, custumization and legacy integration services
Interition Ltd. — UK
contact: Interition Ltd.
201-203 City Road
phone: +44 (870) 766-1621
services: Interition provides Java open source software services including selection, integration, development, support, community patronage, license management, documentation, bug and enhancement management, staging, testing and disaster recovery.
Kentor IT — Sweden
contact: Kentor IT
Kentor CRM Sales
Vasagatan 38
S-111 20 Stockholm
phone: +46 (0)8 587 650 00
fax: +46 (0)8 587 651 00
services: Kentor is a systems integrator that takes responsibility for all parts of a complete IT solutions delivery, from analysis to deployment. Kentor provides solutions in Business Intelligence and CRM. All solutions can be offered as SaaS. We offer implementation, customisation and training services based on openCRX.
Monator Technologies — Sweden
contact: Monator Technologies AB
Chalmers Science Park
S-412 88 Göteborg
phone: +46 (0)31 760 72 90
fax: +46 (0)31 3131 690
services: Monator is an innovative company providing business integration services, primarily for the Nordic and Baltic markets; we offer openCRX implementation, customization and integration services.
Open Business Consulting, LLC — Russia
contact: Open Business Consulting, LLC
Moscow, Russia
phone: +7 499 9404291
services: Open Business Consulting provides IT and business consultancy services and solutions to small and medium size organizations using Open Source software technologies. We offer customisation, implementation and training services based on openCRX and offer openCRX as application service provider.
Cross Decisions — Russia
contact: Cross Decisions
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
phone: +7 812 982-27-28
services: Cross Decisions is a consulting and systems integration company majoring in ECM, DMS, CRM, ETL and BI solutions. Operating in Russia, Cross Decisions provides IT solutions and services for SMBs. We offer analysis, design, customisation and development, training, implementation and maintenance services based on openCRX.
Andago — Spain
C/Alcalde Angel Arroyo, n° 10. Planta 2°
E-28904 Getafe - Madrid (SPAIN)
phone: +34 91 601-1373
fax: +34 91 601-1372
services: Andago provides consulting, implementation, integration and development projects in all the Spanish Territory. Our commitment is that the implementation of information systems and knowledge transfer of our engineers contributes to the business and services objectives of our customers.
SATEC — Spain
contact: Sistemas Avanzados de Tecnología, S.A.
Avda. de Europa 34-A.
phone: +34 91708-9000 / 91211-0300
fax: +34 91708-9090 / 91211-0390
services: Software Development, Systems and Network Integration
Consultex Informatica — Argentina
contact: Gustavo Izquierdo
Consultex Argentina
Rivadavia 323
2nd floor, suite 2B
1642, San Isidro
Buenos Aires, Argentina
phone: (5411) 4707-0191
fax: (5411) 4732-4150
services: Consultex is a systems integration and development organisation specialized in Project Management and related business systems with experience in Brazil and Argentina since 1989. We currently offer implementation, customisation and training services based on Open Source solutions for business needs.
InfoGlobe — Canada
contact: INFOGLOBE
1963-201 Jean Talon Sud
Sainte-Foy, Québec G1N 2E6
phone: +1 (418) 681-2929
services: InfoGlobe and TC2L offer a wide range of services to governmental entities and businesses: custom web design, development, integration, implementation management, training and support.
Konsultex Informática — Brazil
contact: Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy
Konsultex Brazil
Av. Guilherme Dumont Villares, 1410
6th floor, suite 64
05640-003 São Paulo, Brazil
phone: (5511) 3773-9009
fax: (5511) 3772-6001
services: Konsultex is a systems integration and development organisation specialized in Project Management and related business systems with experience in Brazil and Argentina since 1989. We currently offer implementation, customisation and training services based on Open Source solutions for business needs.
Jegas, LLC — CT / U.S.A.
contact: Jegas, LLC
9 West Road FL#1
Ellington, CT 06029
phone: (860) 871-6691
services: Jegas, LLC is a full service solution provider specializing in system integration and customization of various CRM and accounting software products. Jegas, LLC has a full line of internet hosting and marketing services as well as CRM hosted solutions.
OpenGate Consulting Inc. — PA / U.S.A.
contact: OpenGate Consulting Inc.
16 W. Market St., Suite 2A
West Chester, PA 19382
phone: (610) 918-9172
services: OpenGate Consulting is an OpenSource technology firm helping clients who are frustrated with the cost of acquiring and supporting their mission critical software. We leverage OpenSource software to offer an alternative approach to enterprise commercial software or large scale custom development. Our solutions strike a balance by leveraging the benefits of building from an existing product and providing a framework for customizations without the worry of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.
Magootech — Australia
contact: Magootech
104/52 Atchison St
St Leonards, NSW 2065
phone: +61 02 9114 9915
services: Magootech provide software development, support and consultancy services in the Asia Pacific region. With solid experience in the delivery of high-end custom development solutions, Magootech ensure quality deliverables combine with a rapid time to market, for even the most complex customer requirements. Magootech specialise in the customisation and integration of business systems, with flexible support arrangements available to suite customer service level requirements. Open source solutions are ready for high end production implementations, and engaging Magootech will ensure a cost effective solution is designed and delivered to specification.
ASHNA Samane — Iran
contact: ASHNA Samane
No 49, Aria Vatani Rd.
Abbasabad Str.
phone: +98 21 8875 2544
fax: +98 21 8875 2544
services: Samane develops enterprise software in e-tourism, e-citizenship, e-life, and e-crm.
Conversys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. — India
contact: Conversys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
7, Bondel Road, Gr. Floor
Kolkata 700019
phone: +91 33 64602675
+91 98 30284250
services: Conversys Technologies Private Limited provides customized developments of complex multi tiered solutions to enhance business processes through the use of the latest technologies, very specifically GNU/Linux and other Open Source Softwares and Technologies.
Michael Chan — China
contact: Michael Chan
services: Professional IT concultancy services dedicated to improve the quality of software. openCRX customizing, training, and support.
EXCEL Corp. — Tunisia
contact: EXCEL Corp.
09, Rue Imam Al Bakri
Tunis Belvedere

TN-1002 Tunisia
phone: +216 71 28 07 75
e-mail: sales:
services: EXCEL Corp. is a company specialized in promoting innovative business solutions based on Open Source platforms and systems in the Mediterranean, African and Middle East Region. We provide IT/Telecom consulting, training, customization, integration and hosted services.
Intelligent Internet Solution Corp. — Taiwan
contact: Intelligent Internet Solution Corp.
Taipei, Taiwan
phone: +886 2 2796 5936
fax: +886 2 2796 5935
services: Intelligent Internet Solution Corp. provides quality software services and solutions to small and medium size organizations using open source software technologies.
CrossTrust, Inc. — Japan
contact: CrossTrust, Inc.
Otemachi First Square East Tower 4F
1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan
phone: +81-3-3556-5511
e-mail: sales:
services: CrossTrust provides SSL certificates, including EV SSL. We also provides IT services and solutions to small and medium size organizations using Open Source software technologies. We offer customization, implementation and training services based on openCRX.
contact: Masaki Kato (CEO)
Rune Yushima Build 6F,
4-1-13 yushima, bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, 113-0034 Japan
phone: +81-3-5840-8815
services: TOPGATE Corporation is a professional group able to correspond widely for IT systems.
We offer architecture consulting for enterprise systems, and building consumer web sites such as Blog and SNS.