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Support for openCRX

In case you want to support the openCRX project, please continue on our community page.

If you are looking for support from us, please read on here:

Free support from the openCRX Community

There are various forums where you can post your questions and get answers to your questions related to openCRX in a timely fashion. We encourage you to make use of this great and absolutely free resource. We do ask you to keep in mind, however, that the openCRX community operates on a "best effort" basis, i.e. the openCRX community has no contractual obligation to offer support, let alone free support.

Please note that often times we can only help you track down problems if you provide us with the relevant parts of the openCRX log files (located in the directory {TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR}\logs):

  • catalina.{currentDate}.log
  • openejb.log

Providing the console output only is not sufficient! If you get "strange" errors try to stop your application server and delete all the temporary files (with Tomcat, delete all the files in the tmp and work directories). The following approch should get you a useful log file:

  1. for problems related to starting Tomcat or initial login, set the relevant log levels from WARNING to FINE in the file {TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR}\conf\ (for all other problems, change the log-level on the fly as explained further down...)
  2. shutdown Tomcat
  3. delete all the log files in {TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR}\logs
  4. start Tomcat
  5. login and do what it takes to get ready to cause the error, but do NOT cause the error just yet
    (NOTE: the application will be considerable slower as before because of the log level)
  6. clear the openCRX log file (named catalina.{currentDate}.log) to get rid of all the information that we don't need; open the file with a text editor, clear the contents, and save the empty file again (note that deleting the file usually does not work because the file is locked...)
  7. (only if you didn't change the log level in point 1 above) use the Log Administration Console to change the LogLevel on-the-fly:
    • login as admin-Root (note that you need second browser as your main browser caches the session...)
    • from the menu Wizards, choose the entry Logging Configuration
    • select the appropriate log level (e.g. FINE) from the drop-down list in the line ALL LOGGERS
  8. now it is time to cause the error (i.e. click that button that will cause the error...)
  9. open a new Support Request or submit a bug on sourceforge and upload the resulting openCRX log file together with a short description of what you did to cause the error
  10. we will look at the issue and post a reply at our earliest convenience

Paid support from the openCRX affiliates

We also unify developers, contributors and affiliates to offer you support at a professional level for openCRX with a guaranteed quality of service. Tell us what your problem is and we will route your request to the entity best suited to help you solve your problem.

You can either contact us directly any of the openCRX partners .

Development Support / Consulting

If you have proprietary feature requests or need new features by a specified date, please contact CRIXP Corp. directly. The following chart gives a high-level overview of where you can place feature requests and how new features eventually end up in a new openCRX release:

If you are looking for an openCRX Partner for a commercial project, please consult our partner page.