<< New features in openCRX v2.2 >>

New Layout / Enhanced GUI

With regard to the screen size limitations on mobile devices and nettops, the new openCRX layout makes much improved use of the available "real estate". In addition to the top-level navigation menu (which is still available on demand) there is also a tabbed menu across the top of the screen. Tabs and favorites can be customized individually by each user to optimally adjust them to the preferred devices (e.g. fewer tabs for smaller devices):

You can test drive the new GUI on our demo server at

Support for Mobile Devices (incl. Apple's iPhone)

Most mobile devices with a "Grade A" browsers are supported (e.g. Apple's iPhone, Nokia's S60, etc.). The new openCRX layout is well-suited for smaller screens and various wizards - for example the openCRX Address Book - have been adapted to support direct dialing, etc.


Support for Google Chrome

openCRX has full support for Google Chrome:


SendMailWorkflow supports Mail Gateways

openCRX adds support for mail gateways (e.g. E-Mail-To-Fax-Gateways based on Postfix and Hylafax). E-mail activities allow to set a gateway address. The gateway address is used for addresses which are not of type EMailAddress (e.g. PhoneNumbers). In this case the address is converted to an e-mail address as follows:

  • take address (e.g. phoneNumberFull in case of phone numbers)
  • remove any characters except digits and letters
  • append domain part of gateway address

E.g. the phone number +41 (44) 111-2233 is converted to the email address if the domain address is set to the email address


Document Scanner Servlet

This new workflow scans a file system directory and its subdirs for files and maps them to openCRX Documents and DocumentFolders. The DocumentScannerServlet is configured in web.xml as follows:

  • init-param for WorkflowController
  • Servlet declaration
            <!-- DocumentScannerServlet -->
            <servlet id="DocumentScannerServlet">
  • Mapping

The workflow accepts the following component configuration options:

  • scanDir: directory to be scanned for documents
  • urlPrefix: Document revisions are created of type ResourceIdentifier. The url of the resource identifier is set to urlPrefix + current directory name within scanDir + document name
  • groups: List of principal groups. owningGroup of all created objects is set to the specified list of principal groups.

All options are multi-valued, i.e. can have an index suffix [0]..[9].


Enhanced iCal Servlet

The iCal servlet is now included in openCRX/core and features various enhancements compared to previous versions. For example, in addition to the automatic management of the iCal type (VEVENT, VTODO), you can also manually set the type. It is also possible to freely convert openCRX activities between VEVENT and VTODO; this allows you to decide whether an openCRX activity is shown in an external iCal clients calendar or task list.


Outlook ICS Adapter

All the details are available here.


Enhanced Performance

Based on a detailed code review and several rounds of profiling and performance analysis we were able to optimize various code sections and reduce the number of serialize/deserialize operations dramatically. For example, Strings and Numbers are no longer serialized/deserialized during intra-VM remote method invocations.

The performance gain on all platforms is substantial. Most users observe dramatically shorter response times and your server will be able to handle a substantially larger number of concurrent sessions.


New version of WYMeditor supports Opera and Safari


Support for inline Flash Media

In addition to various image formats (gif, jpg, png, etc.) openCRX also allows you to embed flash media into various openCRX objects that support media embedding (e.g. Userhome, Contact, Product).


New Language: Romanian (ro_RO)

openCRX is already available in many languages and more of them are in the pipeline. At this time, we already know that openCRX v2.3 will incluce Romanian (ro_RO) as a new language. We would like to thank Radu Silaghi for providing the translation.

If you want to contribute and are ready to translate a bunch of strings into a new language, .