Case Study : QASoft, China

CRM-Suite based on openCRX controls all client acquisition and sales force activities as well as a broad range of back office processes.

QASoft manages all client-related data and a wide range of activities and processes with openCRX. In addition to the sales pipeline, consisting of leads, quotes, sales orders, and invoices for both domestic and international clients, openCRX manages all client interactions, including sales visits, phone calls, e-mails, facsimile transmissions, etc. Sales reps enjoy a full 360 degree view of all clients. Sales visits are planned and managed with MS Outlook 2007, which connects directly to openCRX. Sales reps travel with laptops that are equipped with 3G cards so that they can securely connect to openCRX and retrieve sales support information or submit quotes and sales orders whenever they need to. Staff at the headquarters take care of the postprocessing, delivery scheduling and notification of clients, invoicing and collection processes.

Technical Information
Hardware/OS: Ubuntu 9.04 x86
Intel® Xeon® X5450 3GHz, 4GB RAM
Servlet Container / DBMS: Tomcat 6.1 / MySQL5
#Account / #Addresses / #Relationships: ~   6,500 / ~ 13,000 / ~5,000
#Contracts / #ContractPositions: ~ 12,000 / ~ 20,000
#Activities / #Follow-ups: ~ 50,000 / ~   8,000
#Products / #Configurations : ~      200 / ~      100
#Properties: ~ 220,000
Concurrent Users up to 20

Initial cost and license fees for software stack
The software stack is completely open source and free, from the OS all the way up to the application!

Operations effort to keep the application running
roughly 2 hours per month
The operation of openCRX is highly automated, e.g. fully automated backups, fully automated log file management, and fully automated monitoring including exception reporting; the only task left is a regular review of the log files (to catch abnormal issues)..

About QASoft, China

QASoft Technology by Business Group Co., Ltd., QASoft Enterprise Management Consultants Co., Ltd., Kunshan QASoft Consulting Co., Ltd., Wuhan, QASoft Technology Co., Ltd. etc., is a set of companies employing professionals engaging in software R&D, marketing, and business management consulting. "QA" stands for "highest quality". QASoft employees pay attention to delivering professional high quality products and excellent service. We constantly strive to improve our products and services..

Project Leader:  Karl Lu, CEO
openCRX Partner: openCRX in China