<< New Features in openCRX v2.6 >>

Community Vote

We decided to implement the top voted features (based on the community vote that ended on 14-October-2009) immediately because the PDA/MOBILE GUI and Search Forms seem to be in very high demand. Expect us to release openCRX v2.5.3 before the end of October 2009, complete with the PDA/MOBILE GUI and Search Forms. You can already test the new features on our Demo Server.

We would also like to say thank you for all the valuable comments you made together with your vote.

OpenSocial Gadgets

openCRX is basically OpenSocial-ready, i.e. it's a matter of programming a few useful gadgets:

More information about OpenSocial is available here:


AirSync Server - OTA Synchronization openCRX ⇔ Mobile Phones / PDAs

You should consider the openCRX AirSync Server if you don't have an MS Exchange Server or if you intend to get rid of it. With the openCRX AirSync Server Mobile phones and PDAs featuring ActiveSync (i.e. all Windows Mobile devices, all Android devices, Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry, and most phones by Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc.) can connect directly to openCRX (acting as an ActiveSync server) to synchronize E-Mails, Contacts and Calendars. If required, you can still synchronize MS Outlook with your mobile phone / PDA. On the other hand, you should probably have a look at the combo Mozilla Thunderbird / Lightning (runs on both Windows and Linux!) which is an excellent Open Source alternative to MS Outlook.

Read more about openCRX AirSync in the openCRX Admin Guide.

There is no need for an MS Exchange Server!

AirSync Server

We have thoroughly tested the openCRX AirSync Adapter with the iPhone:

Exchange Account  Push Mail
Push Calendars  Push Notification

Push Contacts


LDAP Server

We have added native LDAP Server functionality to openCRX (get more information about LDAP or read what Wikipedia is saying about LDAP ). In a nutshell this means that you can use any LDAP client to connect to openCRX and view openCRX Contacts. Mozilla's Thunderbird and MS Outlook both support LDAP and they work flawlessly with openCRX.

A simple sample query with ldapsearch:

ldapsearch -D "guest@Standard" -w guest -h localhost -p 1389 -b "ou=filter/All Accounts,ou=Persons" -l 100 -z 100 -P 3 ""


CalDAV Support for Mozilla Calendar

In addition to the already existing ICS support openCRX now also offers full CalDAV support for Mozilla Calendar, i.e. Thunderbird 3 with the Lightning 1 Add-on and Sunbird 1.


Thunderbird 3 Address Book Connector

The project page is at - additional info and screen shots are available from here.


Shop Adapter

The openCRX Shop Adapter allows you to build shops (web stores, etc.) based on openCRX. The shop adapter provides service-oriented access to the relevant openCRX objects (customer, order, etc.).

openCRX Shop


Support for Eclipse Modeling Framework EMF

We migrated all the openMDX and openCRX UML Models from IBM Rational Software Modeler (a commercial tool) to the Eclipse Modeling Framework EMF.

Eclipse EMF

The EMF project is a modeling framework and code generation facility for building tools and other applications based on a structured data model. From a model specification described in XMI, EMF provides tools and runtime support to produce a set of Java classes for the model, along with a set of adapter classes that enable viewing and command-based editing of the model, and a basic editor (see for more informationen).

XMI migration was trivial, but we also redrew all the class diagrams:



Support for Java 6

openCRX v2.6 runs on Java 6 (see for more information).


Support for HSQLDB v2.0

openCRX v2.6 supports HSQLDB v2.0 (see for more information):


As far as openCRX is concerned, the performance of HSQLDB 2 is roughly on par with PostgreSQL for smaller data sets, i.e. more than sufficient for lots of use cases. Bitrock installers for openCRX v2.6 include HSQLDB v2.0 as the default database engine.


Upgrade Apache OpenEJB to version 3.1.2

This is a technical upgrade "under the hood". OpenEJB 3.1.2 was released on 14 October 2009 and openCRX v2.6.0 will use this latest stable version.


Information about Apache OpenEJB is available from


Extended Service for easy openCRX/Tomcat Management


Tomcat Connectors: pause / resume

Extended Service is a Tomcat extension which allows to start multiple Tomcat instances with the same configuration and allows to stop / start the connectors of these instances individually. The class org.openmdx.catalina.core.ExtendedService allows to handle the requested scenario. Adapt the server.xml as follows:


<Server port="${tomcat.server.port}" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">
<Service name="Catalina" port="${tomcat.service.port}" className="org.openmdx.catalina.core.ExtendedService">

The system properties are set per Tomcat instance, e.g.

Instance A:

* -Dtomcat.server.port=8005
* -Dtomcat.service.port=8006

Instance B:

* -Dtomcat.server.port=8105
* -Dtomcat.service.port=8106

If instance A and instance B have to run with different versions of EARs/WARs, create a Tomcat directory for each instance.

  • Start instance A. The connectors are started.
  • Start instance B. The connectors can not be started because of port conflicts.

Switch from instance A to B as follows:

  • telnet localhost 8006
  • enter command stopConnectors
  • telnet localhost 8106
  • enter command startConnectors

If the property org.openmdx.catalina.core.ExtendedService.autostartConnectors is unset or the property is set to true then the connectors will be started at startup of Tomcat. Otherwise the connectors are not started.


IMAPServer: pause / resume

The IMAPServlet (opencrx-imap-CRX/IMAPServlet) provides a simple GUI which allows to pause and resume the IMAPServer. The Wizard IMAPServer.jsp available as admin-Root redirects to the IMAPServlet. The IMAPServlet accepts the system property org.openmdx.catalina.core.ExtendedService.autostartConnectors. If unset or set to true, the IMAPServer is started at startup. If set to false, the IMAPServer has to be started manually.


WorkflowController: pause / resume

The WorkflowControllerServlet accepts the new commands pause and resume. Pause stops pinging the controlled WorkflowServlets. The new commands are available via the GUI. The WorkflowControllerServlet accepts the system property org.openmdx.catalina.core.ExtendedService.autostartConnectors. If it is unset or set to true the WorkflowController is activated on startup. If set to false the WorkflowController has to be resumed manually.