Interface PackageExternalizeResult

All Superinterfaces:
RefStruct, RefStruct_1_0, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface PackageExternalizeResult
extends RefStruct_1_0

Method Summary
 byte[] getPackageAsJar()
          Retrieves the value for the structure field packageAsJar.
Methods inherited from interface org.openmdx.base.accessor.jmi.cci.RefStruct_1_0
refContainsValue, refDelegate, refGetValue
Methods inherited from interface javax.jmi.reflect.RefStruct
equals, hashCode, refFieldNames, refGetValue, refTypeName

Method Detail


byte[] getPackageAsJar()
Retrieves the value for the structure field packageAsJar.

The non-null value for structure field packageAsJar.
JmiException - If the value cannot be retrieved for some reason.

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